Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Secret Grey Apparel,

Artistic Director: Danièle  B.
Model: Jessica N.

2 colours is enough to make a great outfit. Accessories: white ray ban or a hat with grafiti designs on it. Making it hip hop? I dont't know that's a secret she will never tell...

As Red As Danièle

 Red &white stripes, a loose top with a white tshirt underneath, red lipstick and skinny jeans is all it takes to have a layback outfit! Comfy for home & good looking when you go out!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Coiffure du jour: A-Line Bob

Jessie J (British Singer)

My friend from Switzerland (Vanessa A.)

Rihanna (Singer)

Clothing also goes with hair styles. And «the hairstyle du jour» is an A-Line bob. Which is a straight horizontal fringe (that looks like a capital A, also the reason why we call it the A-line) with straight short hair that stops on the upper neck. All women can do that type of hairstyle.
Want a change?Then you know what is the next step!
(Google picture)

Red-spring-snug (form fitting). These are the words I would use to describe the look on this picture above. The golden bracelets give an oriental style & the boots give a little rock'n'roll edge. Why not mix it all?!

Back to Retro with VV BROWN

(Google pictures)

VV Brown
Yes VV Brown=RETRO STYLE. Recognizing her with her retro fringe, sometimes rolled into a flattop, this singer has all it takes to be part of the fashion world. In 2008 she catwalked for the Naomi's Campbell fashion show in London & and in 2009 for the Fashion London week. In overwall retro attitude is the key to her ensemble. (big fan of her style)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lauren Conrad's all nitght out styles

Google picture

Take a look at all these differents night out outfits from one of my favorite designer Lauren Conrad. Now check at all these differents looks. You observed it? Memorised it? Got it? Now do it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunshine For The New Spring...(Photo street fashion part 3 same day)

A closer look at the sport bag

A closer look at the coat and the gold watch
I was on my way home when suddenly i met this last person. Simply because of her cream white cotton jacket and her big belt that goes with it. She was wondering if her sporty gold bag would be good for the picture and I let her know that this accessory make the look more original. Her gold watch matches her bag but also her accoutrement!


A song that i recently found on youtube. A good track to listen!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Street Fashion (Part 2)

Amazing fashion poses!
My assistant (Shana Ng) & I were just looking for some new people for my fashion blog. And he is one of the first person we took a picture of! As a hairdresser no wonder he has great hair style but also a chic,modern outfit. I fell in love with his jacket, which is actually from one of my favorite store : H&M
A Michael Jackson's style jacket & the big black scarf. Then comes the denim jeans that goes with it follows by baby blue vans with beige shoe laces. To end up the look : A pair of Ray Bans.
Looking for style tipps, just look around you!

Ottawa Fashion Week on the way!

Ladies & Gentlemen OFW is on the way! An event not to miss at all. Take the time to go there. Check out and observe different outfits from different disgners including: Yola Couture, Rachel Sin, The Escape movement and many more! For all the infos (time, place) check it on the website: Ottawa Fashion Week. Unfortunally i won't be able to make it. But I am preparing myself in advance for the next fall!

Men's H&M Spring Outfit

H&M men's wear
Spring is arrving soon, so as the warm colors! As you can see it above, the colors are more oriented towards brown, white, beige and a mix of white & grey.Cotton & denim «sont au rendez-vous»!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Dragon - My Step (From their album: "Machine Dreams") with lyrics.

A song that could appear in fashion shows. Love the beat!

The Turqoise sweater to have!

A closer look at the headband...

Different poses for one top!
I decided this time to post some pics of my new loos sweater (one of my favorite now). I bought it recently at Stitches which is a really good store for teenagers and youg adults. It's affordable and young, funky, fresh! As for the headbands with the bow tie all navy blue and white stripes that makes it more like a sailor's print.
I actually bought it at Ardene,(good store) where you can find absolutely cheap accesories. The ring comes from H&M and finally my hipster glasses are from this accessories store called Icing. It's simply comfortable and chic!

Ottawa 1st Street Fashion Photoshoot (Part 1)

A closer look at the bag and coat!

Assistant photographer: Shana Ng
Well well well dear readers. I should let you know i went ''hunting'' for fashion people in the streets of Ottawa for the 2nd time with my assistant. We were looking to take a picture of a woman with a classy outfit. And there she was on the other end of the street. What an adorable person she is. She had the right outfit for the day that can also be worn at night time.

Black leather boots,black leggings, with the belt that gives a little touch to the coat and what I loved the most: Her beige/brown leather shoulder bag! We didn't know she had a great dresss under her jacket but what captured us most was her ''flower belt''. She's bringing spring to Ottawa!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Designer of the month: FELICITY BROWN

Picture from the Bazaar website
Some of her other designs (her name on top of the picture)
Fierce in her eyes,softness through her clothes
''Wow!'' Is the first word that came through my mind when I saw this 1st stunning picture. It's a very original cocktail dress. It is created by the wonderful London designer, 32 : Felicity Brown.
I am discovering this designer just like you. She's fresh, young & talented as we can see it through her lovely designs.

The Guy with his Ray Bay

Assistant: Shana
Artistic director: myself
Here we are downtown, in the heart of Ottawa at the Market. My cousin & I had the chance to meet a fashionable guy who agreed for us to take a picture of his outfit.
 He mostly bought his clothes at the famous store H&M and his wool blue hat at this clothing store Top of the world (which is a skateboard & snowboard brand clothing, for those who are interested!). Hopefully we will meet other people with a good sense of style like him.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ze French lady in New York City

Photographed by: Me
Assistant: Berlin.L
 To be honest I haven't taken many pictures of fashionistas in NY. But luckily we happend to meet this girl who's originally from France. This picture was taken in the Staten Island Ferry. We were impressed by her clothes.
She's wearing a yellowish fur scarf (which match perfectly with her blond hair), her dark brown leather boots are from Brooklyn, leggings, beige dress, her brownish leather handbag from Zara and finally the piece i love the most her black sailor coat bought at Sandros. Voilà!

Dragonette - I get around

Dragonette the BEST!