Sunday, January 29, 2012

Talking about a camera

I reaaly want to invest in a good lens. I specially thank first of all my dad who offered me my first camera, not only it is a camera but a PROFESSIONAL one (Nikon D60). He sure made my day on my 20th birthday. Ever since, I keep taking pictures. I sure want to work in as a part-time photographer more precisely in the music and fashion field.
My plans? Invest money to get new brand lenses for this year and get more familiar to photoshop to get better results in my photos, to collaborate with people while share the same passion as me. All I can say is: I'll keep progressing and most of all learning!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Converse (Part I)

Converse here, converse there, converse EVERYWHERE!
I am certainly a big fan of all stars converse
It comes in many styles aswell as in many colors. Wear them with shorts, skirts, jeans and why not dresses? Up to you to choose...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Natalia Kills


Natalia Kills , Kills it when it comes to fashion. I get inspired a lot from her look. She has her own way of doing things.

Inside fashion shoot (Part II)

Here's another inside fashion shoot. With such a short amount of time we manage to have fun on this shoot. No need to tell more, the photos will tell it all!

Photography: myself
Model: L.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Basics clothes to have in your wardrobe

Ola, ladies and gents. This article is adressed for you women (well men to after all).
I posted some pictures of my clothes. I thought it would be useful to show you some of the basics items I have. Some of the girls I recently talked to, complained about not having enough clothes, but what they don't know is this:

If you love fashion, you love being creative because that's what mainly what fashion is all about, using your imagination & thinking out of the box, go beyond your limitations!

Any kind of t-shirt is a must. Wether it is a graphic one or just any
plain color. You can definitely wear them with different types of pants AND sweaters

  As for sweaters I have been buying more like orangy, yellowish colors just to spice up this season (winter) a little! But the basic colors would simply be: BLACK- WHITE- GREY.

 A pair of jeans is the MAIN item to have in your wardrobe. It's one of the most
VERSATILE piece of your closet. It can be worn in any seasons, in any occasions & it could be skinny or loose. I could never get tired of jeans!

I love to play with prints, here are 2 polka dot t-shirts from ZARA. The one from the left bought last summer in Montreal and the other one bought recently in Ottawa. This one sales associate told me that polka dots are never out of style. So GO GO GO wear them!

I am big fan of graphic tees but also grey t-shirts. Whenever I want to stay home and be comfortable, I go for those kind of garnments.

Crop tees have usually a long length at the back and short length in the front or simply short length on both side. You could wear that occasionally, more for like casual not for work but definitely if you go out or stay home or even for a dance class.

Different pairs of shoes going to, high heels, to simple converse (my fav's) to those snickers (that I usually wear for dance class). Personally I am not a big shoe fan, but for the last few month, I needed to extend my shoe range to add a little twist to my outfits.

Well that's what I needed to post today.

Much love from

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where to shop and why?

Hello dear readers, lately I was wondering where people like to spend their money to dress up. And so I asked a couple of my friends and here are some good places to go shopping...(Just click on the stores names)

J.T (Ottawa)
" I shop at NRML because they have great styles for every seasons!"

C.N (Ottawa)
"I would say H&M because they are legit and have something for everyone and every styles."

A.P (Ottawa)
"NRML aswell, they have the best clothes for each trend, before any other stores in the city."

J.D (Ottawa)
"NRML and Urban Outfitters. Great pulse on fashion trends. Hipsters meets hip hop!"

N.H (Ottawa)
"ZARA, for their diverse styles."

N.N (Ottawa)
"NRML, has great clothes, it's just really expensive. The best timing to go there, is when they are having the sales. Personally, H&M is my all time favorite.It brings the european styles that is really catching on North America. It looks great, it has great prices and good quality. The styles varies from formal to chic, to urban (all depending on the stores)."

A.P (Ottawa)
"H&M, ZARA, Le Chateau, Mexx, got to keep the swag classy."

T.C (Montreal)
"I shop at this funky place called "Off the hook". Why? Well because I know I can find the latest things from my favorite brands; Crooks and Castle, Leg, Obey, Brixton, etc. They have it all there! Plus they have a second floor filled with Vans shoes. It's an amazing store to stay up to date with, while still being your own."

L.S (Malaysia)
" Moi? Cotton On, it's affordable and trendy!"

Voila les amis, here are some ideas for women and men! If you don't know where to go shopping, browse those websites to see the latest trends and figure out how you can renew your wardrobe!
I will for sure post more surveys for us to get inspired (yes us, I need to get inspired too!)



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new year, a new me

Here are some random pictures that I am posting of my new look.
I've always wanted bangs and this time I decided to change my hair style ;)

The ego lady in a french bakery!

So here's a another photoshoot(dec).
This time the concept was different. No more
photos taken outside due to the weather. So as
I was walking in the street I asked myself:
''Why not in a bakery?'' .
So one of my friend and I decided to take photos of our dancer/fashion friend. Sneak a peak!

In the end we all had fun! Thanx to the crew!

Randome fashion quotes of the week

Hi everyone, it was about time to post a little something for you guys!

So here are some of my favorites quotes that I wanted to post. All I can say is: Enjoy reading it.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hipster look?

Lately I have been debating with some of my co-workers, what a hipster is all about? Well it is a controversy today. How would you define a hispter today. Well here's what I found on a website, what a hipster is:

''The unintentional trend setter. Because of their unconventional nature, hipsters tend to do and wear what they want without care for what others think. Hipsters are not paying attention to what is in fashion. They are wearing what they want. They wear their strange styles with a charisma that rubs off on the people around them. Soon the poser hipsters are copying the styles of the true hipsters. In turn this snow balls just like the Hush Puppies and faded jeans, and before you know it, there is a new fad. Now the true hipsters or fashion nomads will have moved on to something different and only the posers will continue to wear the new fashion.''

After all , tell me how do you define a hipster?!

Coco Rocha

This is an outstanding picture to look at. Coco Rocha is definitely a person I admire in many  ways, but let's not go into details.
This photograph reveals some elegance, self confidence, divinity and on top that haute fashion beauty. I definitely love her laced shoes. What capture me
most about this picture is the intense communication between the model and the sketcher.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Miss Hair Style Olsen

One of the Olsen's sister

This is one of my favorite picture of Miss Olsen.

H&M old post (fall 2011)

I am a big fan of that look! I won't hesitate to dress like that at all. A leather jacket paired up with a pair of comfy leopard print pants and on top of that those amazing little open toe mini boots. What a unique way to dress up!

Lupe Fiasco, magazine cover

Lupe Fiasco is definitely one of my favorite artist in the industry of music.But his style attract my attention too. This artist is not going for too much attention, he definitely knows how to be sophisticated but he also knows how to dress classy. Here is one of my favorite outfit of his:

- A jeans shirt 
- A simple white t-shirt
-A military prints trousers
-with syper good looking glasses

Take good notes!

(His wisdom: ''Our words are our weapon'')