Friday, March 23, 2012

Touring the world...

Hey everyone, finally spring has arrived or should I say summer here in Canada.
I just want to share this with you dear readers, I am planning to go to some places in Asia including Japan where fashion has a big impact, aswell as the United States (Miami, L.A..). As you might now I focus more on street fashion around the world. One of my dream is to photograph all these fashionista around the world. And it is about to happen!

Photos to be up this summer...

[google source]

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Vintage session at Milk (boutique)

Ladies, well hello there!
I am making a come back by posting something new. Today it's all about the boutique Milk (click on name)
Situated on 234 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, ON. 
What you must know about this place is their diversity in the 
accessories and clothes.Going vivid to pastel colors. And known for their vintage orientation. We all know those big well known stores but don't you want to be more unique by having their clothes?!

 Their products are very eye catching and you might want have a look at it. Here's an insight of what they have...
My favorite purse!

Accessories from Milk (including clothes)

The pink section @Milk

Purse, t-shirt, bracelets from Milk

The gold pendant from Milk

Purple clutch, pants and the crochet knitwear from the boutique

My models, thanks so much!

A big thank you again to the owner of Milk who let us do this photoshoot in this amazing place. I am looking forward to this again and showcase more of those great products.

PS: Milk is having an event called "Spring Swap" this coming March the 23rd until the 25th.Basically the customers bring their used clothes (still wearable) and in exchange any purchase you make at that boutique you get a 20% off. They doing it for a good cause. For more informations check out their facebook page by typing "Milk Shop" or by going on their website:


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ready Steady cook! (Today's trend)

The Fruit and veg is a trend coming up this year 2012. Which sounds at first unrealistic. We get used to the trend once we see people wearing it. That's when we actually realize how good it can look on the others.
It has already been seen on some of the podiums for example from the well known designs Dolce & Gabbanna. It is certainly going to make an appearance on the high street.Get ready to have your mouth open because this trend is going to be delicious. Bon appetit!