Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Minnie Mouse icon

This season, the press is mentioning it, talking about it, it's all over. I am talking about the "Minnie Mouse wanna be".

This is an homage to the world wide known icon. Many designers stepped up by creating different pieces related to the Disney face.

Here is a list of the designers:

-Michael Van der Ham
-Richard Nicole
-Piers Akinson
-Husam El Odeh

in collaboration with

-Luke Hersheson
-Katie Hillier
-Lulu Guinesss
-Tatty Devine
-Terry de Havilland

Minnie was born in the 1920's precisely 1928. Her look inspired many of us. Her bow, her polka dots and graphic colors is found everywhere and for all ages (hair style included!) 

There was a fashion show in London called :
"The Minnie Mouse must-haves". The purpose of that show was to collect the money for a program named Bazaar fashion art foundation.

Gerlan Jeans New York fashion week Spring/Summer 2013

I, myself own a Minnie mouse sweater and I feel like all my childhood memories are coming back!
I've always been a Minnie Mouse fan and will always be!



A preview of my next portfolio

This is my next portfolio for a street urban look...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A "kitsch look" what does it mean?

The word "kitsch" is actually a german word, which represent a form of art mostly "tasteless", as often described. Most of the people use massive objects and make them look "cheap".

This term started in Munich between the 1860's-1870's. As you can observe "kitsch" in English would be translated as "sketch" (for example: paintings). It's an idea that represent something.

What I am trying to explain is that a "kitsch look" would be a form of art, that looks mostly messy but fancy at the same time. Like an unfinished product that still have that beautiful look.

Enough about the writings more about the explanation through the pictures

[google image]

This look goes more for a "catch eye" look. It's all about bright colors, mix colors and crazy looks. Some can be extreme some discrete (rare). How can you not perceive when someone dresses up like this?!


One nation known for that type of style are the Japanese. Traveling there and seeing their audacity being put into fashion gave me chills. And I admire them for that.

 [magazine Vogue Japan fall / winter 2012-2013]

Kitsch can be extravaganza. You will see all kind of fantasy prints. It's all about putting your creativity into it and not care what other people think.

Madonna would be a great example for it. She made a strong impact in the 90's as well, where you would see women in pink fluo leggings with yellow neon t-shirts. Let's not forget it's still in vogue as of right now. Proof?

Well with this new artist Rita Ora who is the perfect example.

I am done here with the history. Guys remember you don't want this season, meaning fall to be boring, make yourself shine from the rest of the crowd.