Sunday, April 28, 2013

Coachella Influence

It's all about Coachella!

Coachella is mainly about music but let's not forget that fashion is also part of the topic.
When pictures comes up, it shows how people dresses up, going more for a hippie / vintage vibe.

On the menu:

-cowboy boots
- fedora hats
- maxi dresses / skirts
-braided headbands
-chunky bracelets and necklaces 
- sunglasses of all sorts

Coachella always goes big when it comes to dressing up.
Looking forward to go next year...


Have A wonderful Sunday everyone!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back on track with photography with K

Last photos taken well pretty much last year around fall back on track since ....
3 weeks. More  ideas, new people, new city, new concepts going for ...
Here are some samples for Montreal new faces

This year the focus is mainly about black and white face shots, dance moves
Still looking for new faces in new locations with new projects on the way.
Spring is here and so are your beautiful faces!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Into the bold prints


As the 19th century approached, Paul Poiret gave fashion a new dimension with the bold prints and bright oriental colors. Way back then some of the prints were worn during the World War II with bright colors and multiple patterns through the 1950's.

As the fashion designer said once: "My prints are ornamental designs worked  in continuous motion; how ever there are placed there is rythm".

Later in the 1960's, the young generation adopted this kind of look. You could see loud floral and colored stripes and other sorts of prints.

Let's not forget by the end of the decade the hippie movement had a huge impact into this kind of dressing code. Going from graphic patterns and tie-dye. Christian Lacroix immersed in it. A lot of fashion designers has been influenced by runaways shows but most all in the streets.

Spring is ideal for this type dressing so go for it!


Back to street / urban photography spring 2013

It is a beautiful Sunday, spring is here and so are the upcoming photos. I haven't taken street photos since last summer for many reasons :

- to manipulate more my camera 
- invest in new lenses
- learning different body languages
- read more photography theory (techniques) 

As of today, after several months I do have an urban look street photo session today. Photos will be posted soon on the blog.