Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Do you believe that fall season brings you tons of goodies?!
I certainly do! Here is some sample shots to prove you right...

 Dressed up with fitted denim jeans, classy fitted shirt and great fall shoes, made this whole look a fabolous model.
Wandering around the streets and having our own fun, was really on the menu du jour!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Trend with Michael Kors runaway looks 2013

And so Fashion week it is for fall

It's all over the news, websites, tv, pictures and word to mouth, Michael Kors is everywhere !
Clothes going more for bright vivid colors that still shine through those cloudy days.

A beautiful electric blue having a great impact on the stage made those models stand out great.
This is my favorite color of all times since always and let me tell you guys: Blue will NEVER disapoint you! Wether it's a skirt, dress or a jacket, blending it with a basic black color, is a perfect much to make this shade appearing under the lights of the fashion show.

Military prints never fails, so unisex and within those last few years still in the trend business. Paired up with a a black ornament such as the black belt to give this woman a meaning to her body, by giving her a great shape is exaclty what's needed. On top of it those shoes and leather bag that accessorize the whole look make it more outstanding! It' simply a combo of a classy & street look.

A bedazzled dress that caught my eyes right on the spot, it's an "all eyes on her type of thing" look. A black gown attached to it makes it more creative , Don't you think?

 The Runaway inspirational look to celebrities such as 
Kerry Washington

Attending those runaways fall shows makes me want to go to the one in New York Next year so hopefully!

(google photos credit)
Wishing you all a great fall dressing up season !

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Underground ballerina

Being creative at all angles , is absolutely needed in the fashion or even in the art world. So going through some discovery channels on tv , I decided to go visit that place and take pictures there and the turns out were better than I expected ...

This amazing dancer felt inspired from this place and went naturally for her moves.

Mainly wearing a turquoise tutu, an old pair of ballerina, with a cream fitted top and to make it more original and edgy leather jacket on top of it. To simply combine the smooth scene of ballet and the underground grooves.

This was my last shoot for summer 2013.

Much love