Monday, February 28, 2011

Stripes Clothes That Never Get Old Fashioned

All Styles of stripes

Jessica Biel

Lauren Conrad

Lindsay Lohan

Nicole Richie
Stephanie Pratt 

[Google pictures] Hi, just a reminder: Wether it's vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes, they never get old fashioned for some reasons. And can be worn like a layback outfit, casual work day or even as an evening outfit.
1) Jessica Biel rock the streets by wearing black leather boots, black skinny jeans, followed by a white black & white  tshirt and to make it all chick and simple, a black blazer is enough. (Can be worn at day tine as well at night time).
2) On the to the next with Lauren Conrad (who is my inspiration). Her day look may be more L.A layback. Starting from the top. She is wearing Ray Ban sun glasses with a red & white stripe top with mid sleeves, mild/ dark blue skinny jeans and finally a beige leather jacket.
3) If you are looking for a more hippie/indie style. You better refer to the actress Lindsay Lohan, who pulled out a beautiful look with the black fedora (hat), horizontal white and grey stripes, the 60's shorts ( I call it that way because it reminds me of the period where all the ladies like Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe used to wear those shorts) And of course to end up the ensemble comes the beige leather handbag!
4) Nicole Richie (my other inspiring person) is wearing a wool light beige hat that makes the outfit more sporty. Plus she is also wearing a black & white stripes top (which makes it basic) & white snickers. Who would have thought that wearing a leather jacket and a black leather chic handbag with a sporty look would look good on someone?! Well Nicole proved us right. But that's what makes her unique . (Kinda make me think of my mom' look in her comfy days).
5) Finally ending up with one more description with Stephani Pratt ( from the tv show The Hills). Her look is more lay back and casual. Why not mix a loose black &white tshirt with mild used jeans and simple flip flops. The red handbag gives a more chic vibe!

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