Wednesday, September 14, 2011

S.W.A.G (Style we Asians got!)

Hello dear readers, here is my last post for the summer street fashion big thanx to my friend C. 

Street Fashion Questions/Interview:

Where did you buy your:
obey shirt - zumiez
Dress shirt - H&M
Purple jacket - H&M
Hat - against all odds
pnl shirt - anqi and i design and made
Jeans - Forever 21
Bracelets - Phillipines, mom, anqi
Shoes: Reebok anniversary from norml
sunglasse - norml
watch - the Bay

What kind of style are you into? Bohemian, edgy, rock, urban, vintage?
I'm into cool stuff, but i feel i am edgy modern urban , ish

Who inspire you at the moment? who is you fashion model and why?
Everything around me inspires me, people i know, friends family. Music atrist, spiderman, dancers, Usher

Where do you like shopping and why?
The mall (just kidding!) But seriously the mall. Usually, h&m, forever 21, etc

 If you had to give an advice to the readers, what trend (type of clothes) would you ing/summerecommand to wear for this summer?
Anything you feel comfortable with really, now a days everyone creates new combination of clothing that fits them.

What do you like to wear on your daily basis?
Boxers. tanks, nice dress shirt and beige shorts

Photography: myself
Model: Big thanx to C.

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