Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Pretty New Arrival...ADRIAN WU

photographer: Adrian Wu, model: Mina Kazemi

photographer: Adrian Wu, model: Mina Kazemi
Fashion Designer: Adrian Wu
Photography by: me
Location: Ottawa, at the Lobby for his 1st Launch of one of his collection

After attending his first launch for one of his collection, in Ottawa June 22nd 2011, I had the honor to interview the fashion designer from Toronto: ADRIAN WU. Here is the interview:

Myself: Hi Adrian, so tell us where you from? What is your background?

Adrian Wu: Hi Tania. Well I am a Canadian born Chinese, so I grew up in Burlington Ontario, where my studio is. And my parents are from Hong Kong.

M: Why Fashion? How did you start in this industry?

A.W: I don't care about fashion, I care about art. I think that fashion is my medium for art. I found that fashion is a very conceptual idea. Also because ironically it's an idea that people think they should wear. When in reality all people are beautiful. Fashion is wrong style is not! Style is forever.
Anyone can have style and I find that everyone think too much. As a designer and as an artist my job is to bring a new idea to the world. Fashion is simply a sculpture to me.

M: I agree on that. Now who are the designers that inspire you today?

A.W: Obviously Alexander McQueen, specifically because he was the great Alexander Mcqueen. He was an artist as well somebody that provocs an emotion, an idea and makes people think. He always said that he want people to cry or vomit for his fashion shows. I really desire this aswell, I want people to feel something when they see my clothes. Vivian Eastwood, knows simplicity. I am very passionate about what I do and I take very seriously. I don't think fashion is all about fun. I work very hard.

One of Alexander McQueen's design.

M: How much time do you to take, to design your clothes?

A.W: It takes me like 2 minutes, really a short amount of time. Do you want to know why? Because I do more research than I do fashion, I research my life. My inspiration are my past lovers, my past ennemis and those who have touched me in my life. So when I design, I think of something, I like it and ''boom'' I create it! It's not that hard, it's just the research that takes time.

M: Impressive! And when did you start designing your own clothes?

A.W: Actually last year. At first I wanted to be a sex therapist to be totally honest. I had no interest, no idea or knowledge in fashion.

M: I really do think your designs are out of the ordinary, you seem to think outside the box. Very creative, unique and inspiring. People will definitely like I am sure! Last advice for our readers?

A.W: Take what you can get from it and let it inspire you...

M: Thank you Adrian Wu for giving us your time.

After meeting one of the most exceptional fashion designer: ADRIAN WU, I have learnt more about him and discovered his artistic sens through his collection. May he be the next Alexander McQueen? Who knows this young, fresh, new, bright and talented designer has a lot to offer in the ''world of clothes''. Wait and see what Adrian has to bring to the next runaway, I can assure you, you will be open-mouthed!

Here is his last video for his designs: Adiran Wu's Resort 2011


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  1. A great interview. I think Adrian Wu is an amazing designer. A true artist.