Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer all the Way!

Outfit: karmaloop.com
Bracelets: some are from Aldo other ones are a mix from the marketplaces in China
Shoes: Aldo
Sunglasses: karmaloop.com


Model: Shannon
Photography: myself

This outfit gives her the summer, street style
attitude all the way with a little touch of
a bohemian style.
  •  Read the interview below from this street
fashionista Shannon.

1) What kind of style are you into? Bohemian, edgy, rock, urban, vintage?
I don't really have a specific style. Something just jumps out of me and I feel like I need to have it as an addition to my closet. Some days I'm boho, somedays I'm more rock or edgy, some days I'm urban and some days I'm preppy. Most of the time I think i'm a little bit of a mix of them all!

2) Who inspire you at the moment? who is you fashion model and why?
 I love Mary-Kate Olsen. I think she's amazing. I also love Nicole Richie and so on but i don't really follow fashion that closely, i don't really have a favourite model or anything.

3) Where do you like shopping and why?
I like shopping in a lot of different places. Most of my shopping is actually online because I never have time to actually go into the stores, but I love karmaloop. I also get a lot of clothes from work so I wear a lot of motorcycle brands like fox and metal mulisha. Like I said my styles all over the place.

4) If you had to give an advice to the readers, what trend (type of clothes) would you recommand to wear for this spring/summer?For spring/summer I don't really have any real trend advice, just something fun and comfortable, some bright colours or pastels.

5) What do you like to wear on your daily basis?
On a daily basis I'm usually in jeans and some kind of blouse or tank top. I love boots but lately I've been wearing a lot more ballet flats because of summer.

-Tania T.

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  1. amazing post!

    These photos are great - the lighting & edited is so perfect! You're so talented =D