Saturday, August 13, 2011

A funky move dancer

Street Fashion Questions/Interview:

Where did you buy your:
Outfit: The pants from American Apparel (I had been waiting ages to buy them). 
The shoes by Paolo Corelli purchased from Sterling. 
The shirt was in a give-away box on the streets of Toronto
The earrings are my cheap bling from Ardene
And Ray Bays from the photographer!

What kind of style are you into? Bohemian, edgy, rock, urban, vintage?
 I think I have always been into a combination of edgy-vintage, who loves her comfy sportswear. But I don't discriminate.

Who inspire you at the moment? who is you fashion model and why?
I grab a lot of ideas from Hip Hop choreographers that I watch online. People like Ellen Kim, Rie Hata, Jillian Meyers and the fantastic Sonya Tayeh. Oh and my fellow dancers. They are all people I respect and want to emulate their combination of femininity and edginess.

Where do you like shopping and why?
NRML, Urban Outfitters, Zara, American Apparel, and Value Village. It's a matter of balancing style and cost, and I like unique finds!

 If you had to give an advice to the readers, what trend (type of clothes) would you ing/summerecommand to wear for this summer?
 I am into the flowy, cropped top look. I think it is flattering from many body-types. And I am on the hunt for some cuffed jean shorts. Oh and the South American/tribal prints. Way cool.

What do you like to wear on your daily basis?
Jeans, tanks and hoops. 

Photography: myself
Model: Big thanx to J.


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