Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Skater Attitude

Street Fashion Questions/Interview:

Where did you buy your:
My outfit is a combination of many different clothes and accessories from different skate and surf store, including Top of The World, Normal, Neon, and Boathouse.

What kind of style are you into? Bohemian, edgy, rock, urban, vintage?
 I'm into very urban/skater/hip hop styles, for the clothes I wear.

Who inspire you at the moment? who is you fashion model and why?
 I'm not exactly inspired by a fashion model per say. Like when it comes to how I chose my various outfits, I'm usually inspired by my older friends. dance buddies, choreographers, etc. And of course, Justin Bieber!

Where do you like shopping and why?
I enjoy shopping at various stores, such as Boathouse, Top of the World, Neon, Normal, Forever 21, American Apperal, Urban Outfitters, Warrens and more.

 If you had to give an advice to the readers, what trend (type of clothes) would you ing/summerecommand to wear for this summer?
Obviously something light, soft and comfortable. And for which style, I must say that everyone is different and can rock different trends depending on who they are.

What do you like to wear on your daily basis?
Slim Jeans, Skate Shorts, Skate shoes, Plads/flannels, muscle shirts, Fited Caps and Snap backs, Ray-Ban glasses, and on occasion Hipster Clothes.

Photography: myself
Model: Big thanx to A.

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