Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where to shop and why?

Hello dear readers, lately I was wondering where people like to spend their money to dress up. And so I asked a couple of my friends and here are some good places to go shopping...(Just click on the stores names)

J.T (Ottawa)
" I shop at NRML because they have great styles for every seasons!"

C.N (Ottawa)
"I would say H&M because they are legit and have something for everyone and every styles."

A.P (Ottawa)
"NRML aswell, they have the best clothes for each trend, before any other stores in the city."

J.D (Ottawa)
"NRML and Urban Outfitters. Great pulse on fashion trends. Hipsters meets hip hop!"

N.H (Ottawa)
"ZARA, for their diverse styles."

N.N (Ottawa)
"NRML, has great clothes, it's just really expensive. The best timing to go there, is when they are having the sales. Personally, H&M is my all time favorite.It brings the european styles that is really catching on North America. It looks great, it has great prices and good quality. The styles varies from formal to chic, to urban (all depending on the stores)."

A.P (Ottawa)
"H&M, ZARA, Le Chateau, Mexx, got to keep the swag classy."

T.C (Montreal)
"I shop at this funky place called "Off the hook". Why? Well because I know I can find the latest things from my favorite brands; Crooks and Castle, Leg, Obey, Brixton, etc. They have it all there! Plus they have a second floor filled with Vans shoes. It's an amazing store to stay up to date with, while still being your own."

L.S (Malaysia)
" Moi? Cotton On, it's affordable and trendy!"

Voila les amis, here are some ideas for women and men! If you don't know where to go shopping, browse those websites to see the latest trends and figure out how you can renew your wardrobe!
I will for sure post more surveys for us to get inspired (yes us, I need to get inspired too!)



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