Thursday, January 26, 2012

Basics clothes to have in your wardrobe

Ola, ladies and gents. This article is adressed for you women (well men to after all).
I posted some pictures of my clothes. I thought it would be useful to show you some of the basics items I have. Some of the girls I recently talked to, complained about not having enough clothes, but what they don't know is this:

If you love fashion, you love being creative because that's what mainly what fashion is all about, using your imagination & thinking out of the box, go beyond your limitations!

Any kind of t-shirt is a must. Wether it is a graphic one or just any
plain color. You can definitely wear them with different types of pants AND sweaters

  As for sweaters I have been buying more like orangy, yellowish colors just to spice up this season (winter) a little! But the basic colors would simply be: BLACK- WHITE- GREY.

 A pair of jeans is the MAIN item to have in your wardrobe. It's one of the most
VERSATILE piece of your closet. It can be worn in any seasons, in any occasions & it could be skinny or loose. I could never get tired of jeans!

I love to play with prints, here are 2 polka dot t-shirts from ZARA. The one from the left bought last summer in Montreal and the other one bought recently in Ottawa. This one sales associate told me that polka dots are never out of style. So GO GO GO wear them!

I am big fan of graphic tees but also grey t-shirts. Whenever I want to stay home and be comfortable, I go for those kind of garnments.

Crop tees have usually a long length at the back and short length in the front or simply short length on both side. You could wear that occasionally, more for like casual not for work but definitely if you go out or stay home or even for a dance class.

Different pairs of shoes going to, high heels, to simple converse (my fav's) to those snickers (that I usually wear for dance class). Personally I am not a big shoe fan, but for the last few month, I needed to extend my shoe range to add a little twist to my outfits.

Well that's what I needed to post today.

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