Thursday, October 4, 2012

Skulls for fashion

October has arrived and what can I say, the best season to be dressed is obviously fall. This month is perfect for trench coats, combats boots, leather jackets, ankle boots, leggings, scarves. But there is
this one trend who still has a huge impact in the fashion industry which is...


 Sweater with spikes and skulls print
[google images]

The young generation are attracted by this type of prints, that have been seen in the streets, fashion shows, accessories such as shoes and scarves but mainly clothes.

 Steve Madden 's collection > shoes
[tumblr image]

In the early 90's skulls didn't have as much impact as now.
As of today we have a different vision of it and more people tend to follow this "new trend"

Some of these accessories will give you this ''edgy punk look''.
Well why not accentuate your style don't dress up too... how should I say that...


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