Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A love for fashion from... MONTREAL

Up next with a dear friend coming from this time our city MONTREAL.
Representing our city let's see what she has to share with us and learn more from her fashion point of view!

Can you define today's fashion trend in general for the year of 2013 for men as well as for women ?
For this year of 2013, tartan and plaid make a come back, one tone outfit (all black everything), metallics, furs, leather and oversized clothes (the boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend blazer are a must).

So where are you coming from originally and how's fashion there ?and live in Montreal any differences of style dressing ? how would you describe the style over here?
My parents are from Laos but I was born in Montreal. Laos is a small country in Asia near Thailand and Cambodia. I've never been there yet, but it's considered a poor country so I guess people don't make fashion a priority in their lives. In Montreal there's a lot of diversity, we can see every kind of style, everyone has their own.

Where do you get your inspiration from ? Streets, magazines ?
I get inspired by anything I see! It could be on the streets, magazines, tv, social media, people I meet, art museum, etc.
Valila herself, high fashion look

How would you describe your style?
My style changes everyday, it really depends on my mood. But my style is more like classy but with an edge. I like to be different.   

Any colour you like wearing in particular?
I love to wear black and with gold accents.

How would you describe your wardrobe ?
It's a big mess! I can't even describe it haha. 

A look I would totally go for ! Classy unisex outfit


Who are your fashion icons ?

Karl Lagerfeld, Gabrielle Chanel, Chiara Ferragni, Rihanna, Nini Nguyen and Lady Gaga. 

Rihanna herself
Any specific store you go to? Which one and why those places ?
I like to shop at "Eva B" and "Village des Valeurs" because I can find cheap clothes that no one will have and find some vintage stuff. I also like to shop at Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Editorial.
Do you work in the fashion industry?
No, I don't but I would love to! Fashion is my passion. I am currently a stay-at-home mom. 
Yes, I just had a beautiful baby girl named Aaliyaah and I am so proud of it!

Do you feel like fashion has upgraded or degraded ? Do you think people dress less sophisticatedly or too sexy ?
Like Karl Lagerfeld said: "Fashion fades, style remains". Everybody is different and has a unique style. 
I think we should stop judging people based on how they dress because maybe that guy wearing an awful outfit had no choice because his house got on fire or that girl being trashy is just doing a dare lol… All I'm saying is that if we don't know the person, we shouldn't judge.

What is your favourite trend of the moment and why?
I love the leather sweatpants or the boyfriend jeans with heels.

Any fashion show you've been too and which one was your favourite?
I've only been to one fashion show, it was for Dihn Ba Design during fashion week here in Montreal. 

Do you think dance and fashion could be combined ? The way dancers dressed , do you think it can have an impact on our daily lives in terms of dressing ?
Of course, it already has! I love how hip-hop dancers dress, it's so cool, relax, perfect for dancing but you can still see their style. 

Some people are "born" with style and/ or elegance , some learn within the years. Did you always have a style?
It's something you learn within the years. You first have to know who you are as a person and then find your own style but people changes so is your style. 
I started having my own style pretty early, as soon as I got to high school. I had many phases though, at first I was more a romantic punk, then a tomboy, then the girly girl, now I matured. 

For me there's 3 type of categories when it comes to shopping either having a focus on - the price - quality - brand In which one would you find yourself?
Price and quality goes together. Nowdays, you pay for the quality. Style defines you, brands isn't.
What would be the "nay" in fashion ? An item that shouldn't be worn or items or prints that shouldn't be mixed together ?
I don't know… I guess you just need to use your commun sense. Like don't wear a red top with a green bottom, obviously you will look like a christmas tree.

What's your favourite piece of items to wear ? Shoes , accessories , shoes?
Ah definately SHOES! It's the biggest statement piece of the whole outfit.

The way she goes for her look makes her stand out.

Any favourite season to dress up? And why?
My favorite season to dress up is summer for sure! Because it's easier, you can wear anything you want and be free!  
And finally what fashion advice would you give to your readers ?!
Just be you, find your own style, don't be scare to play with colors, texture, prints etc.
Fashion is fun, so have fun with it! Stay classy! You are beautiful! :)

For those who out of inspiration feel free to get inpired from her and put your own personal touch!
You can follow her on instagram : @banghaterz
Much love

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