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Sreet Style with our 3rd Fashionisto

Hello everyone I am back with another Fashionisto coming straight from L.A aswell
Why has he been chosen? Well simply because his style is purely revealing and trendy.
So here is the interview to get to know him better. Ladies and gents here is Victor!


Can you define today's fashion trend in general for the year of 2013 for men as well as for women ?
2013 saw a lot of trends. There has been a lot of worded graphic statements on sweaters, shirts, beanies, caps, and jewelry for both men and women. There was a return of the beanie, flannel as a waste accessory, and what I would describe as the "highschool varsity meets punk" look; letterman jackets, checkered plaid, oxford style shoes and boots, and studded everything!

So you're coming from L.A , how would you describe the style over there ?
LA is a place where people do a lot of driving. I think this influences our style. We dress for comfort as we have to sit through a lot of traffic, but we make sure we approach comfort in a stylish way. We have the beach a few minutes away, so there's a lot of light jersey and cotton fabrics, oversized tees and fashion sweatpants. Leather motorcycle jackets seem to be the perfect accessory for any Angeleno, as most days in LA are pretty warm until it gets cooler in the winter, and only at night! I was born and raised in LA, so I would describe the city as having it's own relaxed rockstar kind of style. 

Where do you get your inspiration from ? Streets, magazines?
I get inspiration from city. Every street in LA tells a story, with the graffiti, or the architecture of the building, the people you pass on the street, there's something always inspiring a new wardrobe idea. The city tells me a story, inspiring a feeling in me to then tell that story with my outfit. I like to play with my proportions, and LA is all about the right proportions. 

How would you describe your style? 
I would describe my style as preppy punk. No day is ever the same and my style expresses that. I think people get "fashion" confused with style. Fashion is just clothes. But style is an interpretation, of how you put pieces together to reflect who you are. I love California, and retro Hollywood, I love the punk attitude, and all of that influences my style when I get dressed in the morning. I pair unconventional items together to form a styled "clash", hence the "preppy-punk" description. Some oxfords with a vintage Misfits tee, and well groomed hair. Or a button up with a leather jacket and tons of arm candy and printed sneakers - it is about meshing two different ideas to create one.

How would you describe your wardrobe ? What would be the basic items to have in your wardrobe ?
I have a lot of black in my wardrobe, in which I put pops of color in depending in the season. The basic items I have in my wardrobe are comfy oversized white T's, very skinny black jeans, 

And lots of gold bracelets. I love costume jewelry, and I am rarely without it. I have a lot of oversized tees, a lot of printed pants and leggings, some staple jackets and plenty of printed sneakers and oxfords. I can mix almost any combination of what I have and come up with a new outfit every single day. Plus, I am always adding new things everyday. I shop a lot.

Which city in the world would you consider has a great fashion sens and why?
I have to say that Tokyo has a great sense of fashion. Not just because I've seen the photos on blogs and books, but because I've met people from Tokyo and really admire their fearlessness when it comes to their style. They make a statement with their clothes, and each of them looks so different, but like they could be a cohesive collection. They aren't afraid to mix prints, over accessorize, or be androgynous, and that's what fashion is about, always challenging the "concept" of "style". 

Any color you like wearing in particular? 
I like wearing black or grey because most colors make me look washed out. I also like bold stripes and prints in neutral colors. 

Japanese thick shoes style, retro edgy style and of course all black

Who are your fashion icons ?
My fashion icon is Gwen Stefani. My whole life I've tried to emulate her. She is just so cool in everything she wears. And not just because she looks amazing the clothes, but because they really reflect who she is a person and an artist. She can rock some slouchy sweatpants with heels and she can clean up in a couture gown and look equally as beautiful. She is so innovative and I admire her approach.

Gwen Stephanie creative style ownership

Gwen Stephanie

Any specific store you go to? Which one and why those places ?
There is a long list! But I will keep it simple. For vintage, I go to a thrift store near my hometown called "Bell Thrift" where i have found countless gems, included all of my coveted vintage rock n roll tees. For something new and trendy I will shop the women's section of Wet Seal and Forever 21. The pants fit me perfectly, and men don't have the same options women do when it comes to really cool stuff. Same with jewelry. 

Do you work in the fashion industry?
I no longer work in the industry but I used to. I worked for luxury street brand Joyrich for a little bit, and I also interned for G Star denim. I went to school for fashion at the same school that designer Rick Owens did. But it took me a few years until I realized that I didn't want to work directly in fashion. 

Do you feel like fashion has upgraded or degraded ? Do you think people dress less sophisticatedly or too sexy ?
I think fashion is always evolving and referencing the past. Obviously, as times and opportunities have changed, people don't dress the same anymore. I think we now have the freedom to wear whatever we want whenever we want, even anything from the past 200+ years. So I would say that is an upgrade. I do wish there was more effort put into people's wardrobe, as it is an expression of themselves, but they don't always realize that. I see a lot of people in public with Uggs, and flip flops, and gym clothes. Put a little more effort. The 40's and 50's were about being well dressed and groomed, and I really admire that. Even the "scandalous" people were well put together. But women can do the same things as men now, and men don't have to fit this stereotype of masculinity, so fashion is more about self expression and less about covering up.

What is your favorite trend of the moment and why?
My favourite trend of the moment is gold everything! I think gold accessories are superchic and can dress up any outfit. They're available everywhere, and they are timeless. 

Any fashion show you've been too and which one was your favorite?
I've only been to LA fashion week, which wasn't anything special.

Some people are "born" with style and/ or elegance , some learn within the years. Did you always have style?
I think I had to learn it. I was always pretty wells dressed, but I definitely had to learn how to create my own style

For me there's 3 type of categories when it comes to shopping either having a focus on:
             - quality 
             - brand 
             - price

In which one would you find yourself?
For me it is the price. I go through so much clothing, and I can usually make it all last a pretty long time by taking good care of it. Sometimes I go months without wearing something again because I have so much to choose from. I will splurge when it's a good staple piece, like a bag or a jacket, or a favourite accessory. 

What would be the "nay" in fashion ? An item that shouldn't be worn or items or prints that shouldn't be mixed together ? 
NEVER wear leggings as pants. I see this mistake too much. Makes me cringe every time. Also, flip flops in public. Those are shower shoes, don't wear them in public unless you're on the sand. Don't mix brown with black, they just look hideous together. And try to stay away from mixing navy blue with black, it is also a hideous combination. And colored animal prints, be weary of them.

What's your favorite piece of items to wear ? Shoes , accessories , ...
My black motorcycle jacket that I have mentioned in almost every question! It goes with just about everything I wear. And I can't live without a stack of gold bangles and bracelets.

Converse a big must! A way of "pumping" your look with basic colors!
Any favorite season to dress up? And why? 
I love winter because it's all about layers and more clothes! But the LA summers present a fun challenge of what to wear and still look cute!

Which era would you say had great style ?
I love the highschool kids and rock n rollers of the 1950's. And the 80's interpretations of the 50's.

And finally what fashion advice would you give to our readers ?
Use clothing to express who you are, to tell a story of what you like, what you do, where you have been. Choose items that you can use in more than one way. Shop in the unexpected places, and never underestimate a sale! Make your style about what you feel inside, and not just some clothes you took off a mannequin in a store. Find a signature piece and build around it. Dress for your dreams. You are what you wear.

Who says that we have to put limit into our dressing? Creativity is key to dress up . So feel free to get inspired from everywhere including from Victor!

Here is where you can find him:

My twitter is: @victor_go
Instagram is: GoVictorGo
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