Monday, October 31, 2011

Mom's always knows what's best!

As a child and young teenager, I never took my mom seriously
 when she was wearing those colored jeans! I was
wondering why she never sticked to those ''normal'' denim jeans (meaning blue or navy blue) like everybody else. But now I realized and asked myself why dressing like everyone else and stick to one trend only??

If I can play with prints and colors then why not? Colored jeans are more trendy nowdays, more & more people
wear them. I have to admit that I love them now. Fashion comes and goes
and my mama already had the style back then!

Where can you find them? In most of the stores (my childhood stores) such as(click on the stores' names):
-Online shopping

and many other stores! Take a step ahead and be the role model for fashion, go ahead the trends and mix all the old and new looks! Go through your wardrobe see if you have a pair of colored jeans.
Pssst! Play with the colors because a child can do it and so can you!
But hey I have a pair of brown jeans does it count?!


(song I have been looking for a while)

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