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Pocket Square Clothing

Hi everyone, I haven't been posting much these past few days.
But guess what... I AM BACK! I'm delighted to be showcasing a gentlemen's clothing brand. It was founded by two great guys straight from L.A. Also known as the founders of
Pocket Square Clothing (click on the name).

Here is the interview. Get to know them more!

The Smith

-Hi Rodolfo, Andrew, can you give me some insight as to where you are from and what you studied?

We are from Los Angeles, California. We met as roommates during our freshman year at USC (University of Southern California). I (Andrew) studied business entertainment and entrepreneurship and Rodolfo is studying architecture.

-Why did you choose fashion as a career?

We get asked that quite often, and well…why not? We both have a passion for style and clothing. We’re inspired by the idea that everyone can move forward in life through style and etiquette, and the belief that clothing helps communicate one’s individualistic qualities. For us, our company has been a vehicle for the exploration of our personal styles. When it is all said and done, it really comes down to a lifestyle not fashion.

-Who came up with the name ''Pocket Square Clothing''? And why?

We both sat down one day listing out everything we could think of. Pocket Square came up and it just stuck. We deconstructed the symbolism behind the pocket square and projected it to a broader scheme of clothing design. A pocket square in its humble beginnings was derived from the handkerchief, which was used for personal hygiene. The modern day pocket square has since shifted to an iconic piece used as a subtle accent of self-distinction. Stand-alone pieces would consequently be created, complimenting the urban gentleman’s taste and adding a higher level of sophistication and complexity to his wardrobe.

The Brewer

-What is Pocket Square Clothing all about?

Well, our vision is simple: to become a vehicle for the individual exploration of style. We embrace the idea that style comes down to one’s composure and being, the way one carries himself. Our mission is to create a collection of visual and artistic accents, accents that then serve as to punctuate and project personality. We are inspired by the idea that everyone can move forward in life through style and etiquette, and the belief that clothing is a language that communicates one’s individualistic qualities.

Art, music, entertainment, architecture, and culture define the Pocket Square lifestyle. The brand delves into realms of Urban, Vintage, Street, Hip Hop, and Chic. Pocket Square Clothing is network of individuals who love clothing and use it to help decipher their style. Pocket Square seeks to create a brand beyond just clothing.

-Who did the logo of the website?

The name and the logo came as a bundle. Rodolfo thought up the concept behind the logo, which is essentially a pocket with four different fabrics and the number “2” to represent the square.

-When did you create the company?

We’ve been at it for 8 months now, but we officially went live in May of 2011 when we launched our Etsy shop.

-Have you reached many people since you started?

Since we’ve started we’ve been featured in numerous blogs and publications. We have a Facebook page with over 400 fans and a large international fan base via We recently had a successful event at Unique LA here in Santa Monica, California. If you’re in Downtown Los Angeles you can pick up a bow tie at Sixhundred and L’Elephant Blanc in West Hollywood. In South Carolina? We’re also being carried in Magic City.

-Why bow ties as a product?

We want to brand our company around the bow tie, making it our signature piece. When thinking of the bow tie, one thinks of the 1920’s, a period in which they were popularized. We sought to take the nostalgia of the gentlemen who wore bow ties and reintroduce it to that of today’s urban gentleman. It no longer became about wearing a bow tie to a formal function, rather it becomes about wearing a bow tie casually, such as wearing them with sneakers. The bow tie would now be re-branded as something cool. 

The Sports fan
Gone are your red, white, and black silk bowties… Canvas, wool, denim, and leather are to take their place. Every one of our vintage clip-on bow ties has a story to tell and is named after a unique profession. Each comes with its own written description of the persona you would adopt when you wear one.

-For the online products: What is the ''FashionStake'' and ''Etsy'' about?

Fashionstake and Etsy are online retailers who currently feature our products. You can purchase our bow ties there or directly on our website.

-What are your videos mostly talk about?

To complement our blog, we want to incorporate visual story telling through our Docuseries on our YouTube channel. Originally we sought to produce and film a short documentary throughout the process of building up Pocket Square Clothing. However, in order to give you a full and complete view of our journey, we decided on a Docuseries that would document our lives with more frequency, releasing new episodes every few weeks or so. 

We see our Docuseries evolving as we grow, and as it is designed for the viewer, we are always open to opinions on how we can improve it.

-Do you have a team working with you or are you the only 2 people?

It is mostly us two, with help from friends and family. Everything at this point has been handcrafted and designed by us, from our products to our artwork. We manufacture our bow ties and pocket squares in Los Angeles, California; each piece is hand-sewn and individually inspected here in our shop. We use only reclaimed and repurposed fabrics from the Los Angeles Fashion District. Our packaging is also individually designed, printed, and then hand-cut prior to being formed into boxes with the aid of our self-engineered box-making machine. 

We follow the mantra that American made is better, and that quality and attention to detail is key. Although American made is in effect better, it is also more expensive. However, as budget-conscious college students ourselves, we want to provide affordable price points to our customers. The idea is, if we wouldn’t pay for it, why should anyone else?

-You are sponsoring the ''Made in America Campaign'' What is it exactly?

We’re on a mission to discover what American Made means today and what it means to others. You can follow us on our journey, triumphs, and failures as we travel back to our roots to find what American Made means to us and why it matters especially in a time of economic turmoil. The campaign will be will delve into whether or not American made is still possible today.

Questions come up such as is it still economically viable? Can a clothing company still manufacture domestically and sell at an affordable price point? Is American made really that much better? The American Dream today is not the American Dream of old.

-Have you sold a lot since you started this enterprise?

Yes, we’ve been quite successful with our online storefront and now we’re embarking on physical storefronts such as boutiques and in the future major retailers such as Urban Outfitters

-Ok so you also have a blog, how do you manage the time between the blog and the website?

The blog is split up between the two of us. When a good idea comes up, we write up a post the same day. Much like our company, our blog is a way for people to catch a glimpse of our thought process. When it comes to managing the blog and website, we’re very sporadic. Things are always happening every day at such a rapid pace for the two of us and we take them on one by one. If we like something we post it or add it to our website.

The Sailor bow tie

-Is L.A a good city to promote fashion if yes why?

LA is a growing market and has a lot of potential. New York is con the fashion capitol of the U.S. and California is a bit more laid back, especially in Los Angeles. However, we’ve seen a lot of potential for growth here in L.A. especially in the youth who are trying to define themselves and their styles. Facebook has been a great contributor in getting the word out.

-What do you recommend for people who wish to follow in your footsteps?

Consistency and Constancy is the key to success. You have to be constantly posting new and fresh content. Do your homework, and find something people like and can really appreciate. Don’t follow trends as much and create something unique. Find your niche. Stay focused and consistent with your Brand. Brand is key.

-What are your future projects?

The summer 2012 Collection will feature the necktie series, self-tie bow ties, and more pocket squares. The new concept will revolve around ice cream! Expect this collection to be more colourful, more playful, and designed to really make an outfit pop. We have some exciting things planned, so stay tuned to what we have. We want to start with accessories, primarily with our ties, then move into bags/briefcases, and eventually into clothing.

So now that you know more about them you know where to find them! Ladies if you are looking for a simple gift or a Christmans present for your husband or your boyfriend, you know where to go to. And find which bow tie fits him the best. More to come from them soon!


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