Sunday, October 16, 2011

Souvenir from Toronto

In the heart of Toronto


My best friend Dolly

 I had such an amazing time. Fashion here, fashion there,
fashion everywhere! This time I was able to snap some shots of the city but also the people from there. 

One of her deilicous meal. Simply love her cooking! I never get tired of italian food.

This city offers a wide diversity when it comes to the culture of fashion. Every corner of the streets showed me that.
Hipster to nerdy, elegant to chic, urban to vintage, everything was there nothing was missing except my time (too short).

Downtown Toronto. The day came the same day we went to one of our stores H&M (fashion addicts!)
Packing / Unpacking
Learn how to travel light

One of the mall's washroom. Love the design of it.

Going back? definitely YES. Had a wonderful time with my friends?
FOR SURE. Willing to go back again soon? CERTAINLY!

Much love to the Toronto...


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