Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CelebrATE the moment!

My team mate, the Photographer!

More for this shoot. I ll just have to find a picture of those great employees from this Bakery called:

The French Baker

They were really kind to let us shoot in their bakery.

If you go through their website it well tell you all you need to know. That also includes a good description of their delicious pastries, breads, desserts and so much more. You would't hesitate to run to that bakery. It's downtown, no excuse ladies and gents!

Here are some more photos that I decided to edit with my phone this time (yes an Iphone). Some might be similar but they all look different with a little touch up!

A big thanx again to my team mate Mr.C who's photos are incredibly amazing here is the link to his website for more photos:
 And I wouldn't forget my dear model: Miss.A for posing for us

Much love

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