Friday, February 10, 2012

Not shopping until when?

Ok so, I made a promise not to shop from January to April 2012. The reason is that I want to challenge myself and see if I am able not to go shopping and save money for more important investissement. But thing is the sales came up and it is coming to its end. Hard to resist when you see all these amazing outfits and colors around you!

Can I do it? I guess yes. It's all about mental process. I am not suggesting my readers to do the same. All I am saying is that if you can manage your money and if you know where to bargain then that's the best option. Saving your money but without depriving yourself either.

Question is: how long would I be able to hold on? I don't know. I guess I could buy but WAY LESS then before :p



  1. Ohh... I find shopping bans are way too cruel. But I agree that sometimes it is necessary to be mindful of spending when saving for important things. Since buying a home, I've had to be very mindful of my spending. It's hard.

    What I found helpful... Was keeping any allowance in CASH. It sounds so juvenile. But knowing that I only had a set amount each pay to spend on whatever helped me keep track of what I was buying... and also helped me save for the clothes or items I really wanted instead of just using my VISA whenever (which is trouble).

    1. I totally agree bans are way too cruel! As long as we spend it wisely then everything's fine :)