Thursday, November 14, 2013

SECOND up with Style Interview- Caroline

Hello world, for today's post, I decided to interview someone I do know,
Whom I defintely think has a descent and classy style. It's all about fashion influences!

Here is the 2nd one to come up with one of my closest beautiful friend Caroline coming straight from Boston, originally from Switzerland


Can you define today's fashion trend in general for the year of 2013 for men as well as for women ?

Sport chic I would say. Fashion became classier. It also get inspired by the 80’s. 

So you're coming from Switzerland and live in Boston any differences of style dressing ? how would you describe the style over there ?

I would say that Switzerland always falls behind. People are reluctant to try new things. Best example will be rubber boots. I have been wearing them for 2 or 3 years and it is only now that people are starting to wear them. Before most people would make fun of rubber boots.

Where do you get your inspiration from ? Streets, magazines ?

From everywhere. Streets, magazines, social network, TV, billboard. If you look around, you will always find inspiration.


How would you describe your style?

That is a good question. I think I always go with my mood. Your style defines yourself. People tend to tell me that I have a classic way of dressing but always according to new trend. I am not what that means.

Any colour you like wearing in particular?


Who are your fashion icons ?

I don’t have any particular icon. But if I have to choose I would maybe say dulcecandy, a girl on instagram.

Any specific store you go to? Which one and why those places ?

Zara, Mango, H&M… I always find something and it is affordable.


Do you work in the fashion industry?

I don’t.

Do you feel like fashion has upgraded or degraded ? Do you think people dress less sophisticatedly or too sexy ?

I would say fashion has upgraded but people have degraded. They do not understand how to match clothes. 

A little too sexy I’d say. Girls don’t understand that a nice dress is supposed to be either short or with a neckline, not both.

What is your favourite trend of the moment and why?

Back to the 60’s. Classier and more sophisticated. It goes with my ambition :)

Any fashion show you've been too and which one was your favourite?

The only fashion show I have been to is a fashion show from Bybeenk, owned by a Swiss girl and not very famous yet.

Do you think dance and fashion could be combined ? The way dancers dressed , do you think it can have an impact on our daily lives in terms of dressing ?

I guess so. I know a couple of dancers that launched a clothes brand.

Some people are "born" with style and/ or elegance , some learn within the years. Did always have a style?

Honestly, I have to say no. I got interested to fashion when I was 15, but it is only when I turned 20, that I figure out MY style.


For me there's 3 type of categories when it comes to shopping either having a focus on - the price - quality - brand In which one would you find yourself?

Before I would have say quality. Since now I am a full-time student I have to say price.

What would be the "nay" in fashion ? An item that shouldn't be worn or items or prints that shouldn't be mixed together ?

Loose bottom and loose top. Seriously you cannot. Either you were a wide skirt and a tights shirt or the opposite.


What's your favourite piece of items to wear ? Shoes , accessories , shoes?

SHOES and dresses.

And finally any favourite season to dress up? And why?

Spring. In spring everything is allowed. Skirt and jeans.

Having an open minded person for style just like her you will definitely get inspired. Ladies take notes!

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