Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FIRST up with Style Interview -CHRIS

Hello everyone, for today's post I decided to go otherwise.
In which sens? Well my main posts are about informing you guys on fashion trends but this time is all about world wide friends, family and other people who incorparted fashion into their daily lives & who were more than glad to share their thoughts.
I would like to circulate fashion informations from another perspective = from other fashionistas & fashionistos

Here is the 1st one to come up with the charming, Chris coming straight from L.A


 Can you define today's fashion trend in general for the year of 2013 for men as well as for women ?

Well I see that for Men it is to look swag, hipster, or hype as possible to fit in with the big crouds and as for women well they like to where a lot of short shorts to receive attention and strap less shirts and what not
So you're coming from L.A , how would you describe the style over there ?

Well lots of people wear Jordan and camo type of clothing that come from expensive stores like shoe palace, hot topic, pacsun, zumiez, vans, etc
Where do you get your inspiration from ? Streets, magazines ?

I got my inspiration from a dancer and what I noticed is if you want to make it big and be noticed you have to dress up cute or cool in some way.

How would you describe your style?

My style well its very fashionable like I always dress up nice with button up shirts and skinny jeans or cut skinny jeans.
Any color you like wearing in particular?

Yes Black, White, and Red.

Who are your fashion icons ?

Ian Eastwood.
Any specific store you go to? Which one and why those places ?

Yes. I shop at Pacsun, Zumiez, and CottonOn well I say that they have good deals and really nice clothing at these particular stores. 

Do you work in the fashion industry?

No I do not.

Do you feel like fashion has upgraded or degraded ? Do you think people dress less sophisticatedly or too sexy ?

Well I think fashion should be the way it is. I think people dress too sexy.

What is your favorite trend of the moment and why?

I don't really like to wear what other people wear to much but some people have my style which is wearing button up shirts.

Any fashion show you've been too and which one was your favorite?


As a dancer , do you think dance and fashion could be combined ?
The way dancers dressed , do you think it can have an impact on our daily lives in terms of dressing ?

Yes I highly believe this. Yes it can because it will help us get noticed. For example, me ever since I changed my style I gained a lot of fan girls and attention.

Some people are "born" with style and/ or elegance , some learn within the years. Did you always have a style?

I learned later on to fit in. Back then I never had style, I just wore whatever I felt like.

For me there's 3 type of categories when it comes to shopping either having a focus on - the price
             - quality
             - brand
In which one would you find yourself?

For me it's always been the quality.

What would be the "nay" in fashion ? An item that shouldn't be worn or items or prints that shouldn't be mixed together ?

Well for sure the fashion now whatever you wear on top like a T-shirt or Jacket it has to go with the color of your shoes.

What's your favorite piece of items to wear ? Shoes , accessories , ...?

Well me it has to be ear rings because it also helps you be noticed lie I switch off time to time.

And finally any favorite season to dress up? And why?

Summer because that's all I have :)
Which era would you say had a great style ?Ex: the 60's 80's , etc

To be honest I say now is the greatest style. 

Hope you all got inspired or informed or simply enjoyed reading this delicious article.
Bon apetit!

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