Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Photographer du Jour


On today's post one of the most talented fashion photographer to look out for!
Fall is not only about blog posts on fashion trends but also to discover the world's given artists such as 
fashion designers, stylists, models, fashion bloggers and of course fashion photographers!

Starting with Cara coming straight from Seattle.


 Without making you guys wait longer here is the interview

Hello how are you doing ? So where are you from and  how did you start all of this?

Hi! I'm originally from Seattle but grew up in Phoenix Arizona. I took photography classes in high school and fell in love with it but never fully pursued it until about a year ago. I moved to LA to model when I was 18 and quit by the time I was 21, couch surfed for a while in search of what was next and landed on photography. 

Did you take any degree to become what you are today ? 

I didn't, never went to college. I may someday, for now my education comes from life and the people I surround myself with. 

As a fashion photographer how do you get inspired?
So many things... People absolutely, I can't tell you how many times I'll pull the creepy photographer line "I'd love to shoot you" to strangers. But I think the fact that I'm a woman and not a sleezy dude tends to work in my favor. 

Who are your icons in terms of photographers and why?
I think Harper Smith is fantastic. Ben Cope. Jessica Yatrofsky is incredible. All three of them have such different styles but they are so spot on with everything they produce, so inspiring.

Are you mainly focused into fashion or other types such as portrait, buildings, kids ?
I love fashion photography but I do feel drawn to shoot more contemporary art "real people" not to say models aren't real. I just like the look of every day people, comfortable in their own skin and add an element of surprise. I'd like to shoot something that makes people think, not just a beautiful face. 

Where do you mainly work and do take photos at different destinations? Do you have your own studio?
I mainly shoot outside, in and around the LA area. I love the freedom of choosing my own natural backdrop. 

Any upcoming projects ?

I have a few things in the works. Veering in a more contemporary direction, less focus on the face. I'll also be doing a lot of traveling in the near future and am looking forward to shooting along the way. :) 

As a professional photographer do you find it harder to find a clientele now that instagram is using tons of editing tools ? Does it make harder to find people ?

Not necessarily, I think it's kind of cool really. you never know who will see your work with the accessibility of social media and I think the outreach is tremendous. 

Any tips to anyone who would like to follow your path? 
What would be your best advice ?
As someone who is really in the process myself and learning more all the time, I'll say something that a good friend and brilliant Photographer Scott Toepfer told me a while ago: 
"Just keep shooting, nothing bad can come from you doing what you love and constantly putting your work out there." I think about that all the time. 

Her long dedication and passion drove her to where she is right now.

for more photographs , here is where you could find her work.

........................here is her website.....www.carasantini.com...........................

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