Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photographer du jour



Shooting between New York and New Jersey, this talented photographer doesn't lose any minutes to have his photographs speak to us. Described more as a high editorial fashion look, from portrait to runaway and celebreties, 
his work is circulating all around the world.
And let me tell you this: his style and dedication is being well seen.
So get to know him better through the interview!

Hello how are you doing ? So I am seeing you are a multi tasker, by being a photographer , designer and a director how did you start all of this? And how do you manage your time ? 
Honestly, I've always had a love for the arts in general, all the types. So literally I picked up the equipment one day and it all went from there. In terms of managing my time, I have to really be organized and efficient with my time and scheduling. Since I juggle so much, I don't really have to much room to not use my time wisely.


As a fashion photographer how do you get inspired? 
I look for everything to inspire me; books, movies, newspapers, paintings, you name it I look at it. Looking at all types of mediums for inspiration and ideas in my opinion opens your eyes, you tend to start to look at things from several perspectives. It gives your work some depth and what ultimately will make it unique from others.

Who are the photographers that inspire you and why? 
One of my favorite photographers would have to be Helmut Newton, his work was iconic, and definitely gives me a lot of inspiration through his use of emotion. 

Are you mainly focused into fashion or other types such as portrait, buildings?
I am mainly focused into fashion photography with a blend of portraiture and lifestyle. However, I can always appreciate beautiful landscape photography and all others at that.




Where do you mainly work and do take photos at different destinations?

I mainly work in New York, and sometimes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. And yes, I take photos at several different locations and I'm always on the hunt for new and fresh ones. The last thing you want as a photographer is for people to be aware of your locations after a while, always keep them guessing.

Any upcoming projects ?
Yes, I some dope upcoming collaborations with several magazines and model agencies in the near future for you guys.


As a professional photographer do you find it harder to find a clientele now that Instagram is using tons of editing tools ? Does it make harder to find people ?
 Actually it's been the exact opposite, Instagram and social media in general has really gave the new wave of photographers and artists an outlet to show their work. In past times, there were a lot of great artists who no one really knew about, nowadays, everyone has the fair chance of showcasing their talent, it really is a blessing to say the least.

Any tips to anyone who would like to follow your path? (just like me!)
What would be your best advice ?
What I usually tell anyone that asks me advice or how I have gotten to where I'm at is that I don't care, and I repeat, I don't care how good you think you are, how good you've been doing or how good other people think you are. You can always be better, so as long as you have that mindset to strive to continue to improve at all times, their will never be a reason why you don't succeed in your dreams.

For all of you who are interested into his photography, do take a look at this link below.
I myself got blown away!

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